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Fort Dale Academy Distance Learning Information

Apps needed:

Clever (Elementary Only)

Google Meet

SeeSaw (Elementary Only)

Google Classroom for live-streaming works best by using Safari and NOT the app email must be used to login

(Elementary Students may use clever to login for ease of access or may go to and use email if you have issues  logging in)

To login to live stream class:

(First time only) Go to settings on your iPad.

     Turn off safari suggestions.

To go to the live class.

     On Safari go to

     Navigate to the correct class

     Click on the camera icon on the class name bar at the top of the screen

     Elementary students will be given a schedule for login by their teacher.

High School students login at the beginning of every period


Be on time for class

Do not leave class early

Understand that attendance is expected

If for any reason you miss class, it is the student’s responsibility to reach out to the instructor to determine what is missed

Expectations for virtual students are the same as face to face learning

Sit in a seat that is on camera for the instructor to see you

Mute your mic upon entering class (Each teacher will explain how to they would like questions to be asked during class)

Be appropriately dressed and in a location conducive to learning

Notify school personnel of any technical issues immediately

Email both your teacher and

Engage in class following the instructions given by the instructor

Be respectful to all in the class

Understand that all classes are recorded and microphones may be “live” at all times

Use email account for class work and to communicate with instructors


High School Bell Schedule—(elementary teachers will have individualized schedules)

First Bell 7:55

Homeroom 8:00-8:05

1st Period 8:08-9:00

2nd Period 9:03-9:55

End Break 10:10

3rd Period 10:13-10:16-11:05

4th Period 11:08-12:00

5th Period 12:33-12:36-1:23

6th Period 1:26-2:16

7th Period 2:19-3:10