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1st - 6th

1st Grade Book Report Form

2nd Grade Book Report Form

3rd Grade Book Report Form

4th Grade Book Report Form

5th Grade Book Report Form

6th Grade Book Report Form

7th - 12th


Reading Reports

This year, each student in grades 7-12 will be asked to turn in the following questions on their book on the first day of school. Questions should be answered in paragraph form, and must be submitted as a hard copy. This will take the place of the test during the first week of school.


  1. Please give a ten sentence summary of the major plot of the book in your own words.
  2. Select a character from the novel, and perform a character analysis on them. Include details of what the character looks like, their main personality traits, and why you liked/disliked the character.
  3. Analyze one form of conflict from the novel. Who was it between, and why was it important to the plot?
  4. What is a major theme from the novel? Explain the lesson or major takeaway from the reading. 


The remainder of the required reading list will be distributed during the first week of school.