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Reopening FAQ

1. Will students and staff be required to wear masks or face shields?

Students are required to bring a mask to school every day. Face covering will be required depending upon COVID conditions. If ADPH determines spread conditions are high or very high, we will require masks for students and staff when practically possible or if appropriate social distancing is not possible. If spread conditions are moderate or low, masks will be optional. School administration reserves the right to require students and staff to wear a mask at any ADPH spread level if warranted by school conditions.


2. What type of face coverings are acceptable?

Face masks or neck gaiters in solid red, navy, white, grey, or black are required. Plaid matching the Fort Dale uniform or Fort Dale branded masks purchased form the school are also allowable.


3. Do masks have to be purchased from Lands End?

Masks may be purchased through Land’s End, but are NOT required to be purchased from Land’s End.  Masks may be purchased anywhere. Fort Dale will also have masks available for purchase at the school on a first come first serve basis.


This document will be updated as the needed.