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Fort Dale Academy was founded in 1968 by a group of concerned parents who desired to have their children educated in an environment which was consistent with Christian morals and ethics, and which would not promote social agendas at the expense of truth. These founding parents were dismayed at the curriculum offered by the government schools, which was designed to indoctrinate rather than to educate.

These parents carefully selected textbooks, interviewed prospective teachers, refinished desks, painted walls, shoveled dirt, laid sod, and worked tirelessly to raise the money necessary to start a school.  Land for the school was donated by Erastus Talbot and Elisha C. Poole, who was the first Board Chairman.  Additional land was later donated by Red Etheridge, Grady Norrell, and Jamie Rainer.  The original building was designed by architect Pat Williams of Montgomery, and was built at a cost of $135,286.00.  

The first school year began in the fall of 1969, with grades 1 through 9.  The following year, grades 10 through 12 were added.  

The football stadium was built in 1971, with Buddy Moorer spearheading the effort.  Later, Winfred Boan would lead the way towards upgrades to the football field.   The original gym was built in 1972.  

The history of Fort Dale Academy is the story of hundreds of parents, too many to name, who sacrificed time, money, effort, and expertise.  The future of Fort Dale Academy will depend upon the willingness of future generations  to make the same sacrifices.