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Why Fort Dale

Since its establishment in 1969, Fort Dale Academy has been dedicated to providing a quality college preparatory education for residents of Butler County and the surrounding areas. We are proud of the countless graduates who have represented us well at prominent institutions of higher education across the country, and who have made a positive impact on the world around them. Over the last fifty years, the characteristics of a Fort Dale education that have contributed to the success of so many of our alumni can be found in the deep meaning of three Latin words appearing at the bottom of the official Fort Dale Academy crest: “Veritas, Honor, Scientia.” A rough English translation would be: Truth and Integrity, Respect and Dignity, Knowledge and Awareness.  In an ever-changing world these stand as timeless foundational principles, woven into every interaction and activity at Fort Dale Academy.  Anchored by our core beliefs we are able to make necessary adjustments in curriculum to maximize our educational impact, preparing each student for a brighter future.  

At Fort Dale Academy, we realize that each day students come to school carrying not only books and backpacks, but also the hopes and dreams of their parents, the competition and cooperation of their siblings, and the aspirations of their entire community. In other words, Fort Dale is not just a school facility that students attend; it is a broader organization of families striving collectively to build a better future for our children.  Therefore, to achieve its goals most perfectly and efficiently, Fort Dale Academy should be viewed less as an educational commodity to be purchased, and more as a like-minded community to join.  We believe that the well-rounded and time-tested educational experience offered at Fort Dale Academy is precisely what today’s youth need to wing them to new heights of excellence and success.  

We invite you to come be an Eagle, join the Fort Dale Family, and soar to new heights with us!     

This is what Fort Dale Kindergarten looks like.

Class of 2019 Farewell Video