Welcome to Fort Dale Academy,

Kindergarten through Grade 4:
     Grades Kindergarten through Grade 4 are the most important grades in school, for it is in these grades that the child's foundation for future learning will be determined and his/her enthusiasm for learning will be established.
Grade 5 through Grade 8:
     In these intermediate grades, we undertake to sharpen and develop the skills taught in the first four grades and prepare the students for more advanced studies. The students are introduces to classical reading material, more detailed history, mathematics, and science. 

Grade 9 through Grade 12:
     During the final phase students are allowed, within reasonable limits, to specialize. Our course of study is college preparatory. We furnish a broad range of mathematic courses, that will allow a student the necessary background for future study. To this end, we require extensive coursework in grammar, writing, and literature. 


Fort Dale 


Est. 1969

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